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Talents & Sport
This test uncovers talents, abilities and features of your child encoded in his genes.
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What sports are the best
for my child?

Geneticists have derived a formula for success in sport long time ago. Use modern technologies to ensure that your child will enjoy the sports.

Music school
or dance studio?

You admire sonatas by Mozart and Beethoven’s symphonies? Preludes and Fugues of Bach make you tremble? The genius of Verdi and Rachmaninoff makes your life brighter? And you want to know whether your kids have musical talent? Then our genetic test was designed for you!

Mathematics or literature?

Genetics can help you understand your child's mind set. Do not make a creative person draw graphics. Let him or her paint a picture.

Introvert or extrovert?

You can avoid misunderstandings with your child by realizing his psychological portrait.


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*Special offer for those who have previously passed at least one of the following DNA tests: Health & Longevity, Disease carrier status, Diet & Fitness, Talents & Sport, Ancestry