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Transcriptome sequencing

High-throughput sequencing methods are extremely useful in RNA expression profiling and characterization. Studies like genes expression investigation, search for somatic mutations, isoform, protein non-coding RNAs, various types of small RNAs and etc. are perfectly compatible with NGS approaches.

Application examples:

Diversity investigations, splice-variants and chimeric genes (normalized RNA) research, qualitative expression profiling, small RNA sequencing.

Terms and prices:

Service Net data Run time Price per sample
Eukaryotic RNA sequencing 3Gb4-12 weeksRequest a quote
Eukaryotic RNA sequencing5Gb4-12 weeksRequest a quote
Prokaryotic RNA sequencing 1Gb4-12 weeksRequest a quote
Prokaryotic RNA sequencing2Gb4-12 weeksRequest a quote
Small RNA sequencing 10Mb4-12 weeksRequest a quote
Small RNA sequencing20Mb4-12 weeksRequest a quote
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Purified DNA:

  • total amount — not less than 5 ug
  • concentration — not less than 100 ng/ul
  • 28S:18S RNA ≥ 1.0, RIN ≥ 7.0
  • OD260/280=1.8-2.0, OD260/230 ≥ 2.0

Purified small RNAs (<200 bp):

  • total amount — not less than 1 ug
  • concentration — not less than 20 ng/ul
  • 28S:18S ≥1.5, RIN ≥8.0

Additional lab services:

  • Biomaterial-based RNA extraction
  • Biomaterial-based small RNA extraction
  • Small RNA enrichment from the total RNA sample
  • Whole-genome amplification (in case of biomaterial lack)
  • Single-cell RNA sequencing

Additional data services:

Basic bioinformatic services:

  • Sequencing quality and coverage uniformity tests
  • Data filtering (adapters and low-quality reads removal)
  • De novo assembling
  • Reference reads mapping
  • Data phasing
  • GC-compound analysis

RNA data analysis:

  • Genes expression analysis (qualitative)
  • Genes expression analysis (quantitative)
  • New transcripts forecasting and annotation
  • miRNA, rRNA, tRNA, snRNA, etc. search by mapping in miRBase, Rfam и Genbank
  • New miRNAs and their secondary structures forecasting in Mireap
  • CDS forecasting
  • Search of transcripts, formed as a result of alternative splicing
  • Unigene GO classification
  • Metabolic pathways analysis
  • Differential expression analysis (for 2 and more samples)
  • General and specific transcripts search (for 2 and more samples)
  • Principal component analysis (PCA) (for 5 and more samples)
  • SNV search and annotation (single-nucleotide variations)
  • InDel (insertions and deletions) search and annotation
  • CNV search and annotation (copy number variation)
  • Comparative genomic analysis
  • KEGG, Swissprot, GO, Nr and COG genes search and annotation
  • Gene families identification (for animals: TreeFam, for plants: OrthoMCL)