Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS) is a high-throughput method for methylome analysis combines enzymаtic restriction and bisulfite sequencing in order to enrich sample for the areas of the genome that have a high CpG content. This method allows analyzing the levels of methylation at single CpG-dinucleotides and detecting specific methylation patterns. Moreover, RRBS is a highly sensitive method, which is also valid for examinations of clinical specimens. RRBS technique reveals more than 5 million of CpG-sites in whole genome scale, 65-75% of which has coverage over x10.

Application examples:

CpG islands methylation analysis, comparative analysis of genome methylation.

Terms and prices:

From $ 630 per sample. Prices are available on request.

Purified DNA:

  • total amount — not less than 5 ug
  • concentration — not less than 100 ng/ul
  • OD260/280=1.8-2.0
  • no RNA contamination

Additional lab services:

  • Biomaterial-based DNA extraction
  • Repeated sample quality control
  • RNase treatment

Additional data analysis:

Basic bioinformatic services:
  • Sequencing quality and coverage uniformity tests
  • Data filtering (adapters and low-quality reads removal)
  • Reference reads mapping
Methylation analysis:
  • Methylation level detection
  • Promoters and CpG-islands coverage analysis
  • Identification of deferentially methylated regions (for 2 and more samples)