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Microarray methylation analysis

Microarrays (microchips, biochips) are widely used for methylation analysis to compare dozens and hundreds of samples. We offer quantitative methylation analysis on the chips manufactured by Illumina.

Application examples:

CpG islands methylation level analysis.

Terms and prices:

Microarray Number of markers Selected markers Number of samples per chip Minimal sample number per order Price per sample
Illumina Human Methylation450> 480 000for 99% of RefSeq genes with 17 markers on CpG islands distributed across the promoter, 5'UTR, first exon and 3’UTR1224Request a quote
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Purified DNA:

total amount — not less than 2 ug, concentration — not less than 200 ng/ul, OD260/280=1.8-2.0, no RNA contamination.

Additional lab services:

Biomaterial-based DNA extraction, repeated sample quality control, RNase treatment.

Additional data analysis:

Methylation level detection, Identification of deferentially methylated regions (for 2 and more samples).